Kitten Nursery Program

Neonatal Kittens

One of the most endangered groups in shelters are orphaned neonatal kittens. Every year, thousands of these tiny babies are brought to shelters by good samaritans but due to shelter policies they cannot be adopted out and most are immediately euthanized. Thanks to the special relationship we have with our local shelters, we are able to save hundreds of these little ones a year.

Our dedicated volunteers and fosters provide these youngsters the round-the-clock support they need to thrive until they can be weaned and adopted into new, loving homes. It's an intense regimen but as our rescuers know, also incredibly rewarding. To help these tiny neonates grow into strong and spunky, well socialized, and healthy cats is the greatest reward.

Interested in joining our nursery program and fostering a litter of neonates?

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